Historic Commemorative Posters

Serendipity Press is an Award-winning design & publishing firm located in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. We started as Winchester Publishing over 25 years ago and since then have created beautiful four color posters of high quality of colleges, communities and amusement parks. Some of the largest companies in New England have participated in these exciting projects.

Our unique approach captures the spirit, fun, positive aspects and quality of life in a particular locale through the medium of colorful posters. Included are historical sites, buildings, various people and landmarks which truly represent an area’s charm and character.

1. Posters for Communities

At times we work with leading community charities to help promote the sales of each poster. Public charities are the driving force behind what makes a community culturally rich with new opportunities and helps create a high quality of life for its residents.

Advertising has dramatically changed over the past 25 years. Long gone because of either cost or technology are yellow pages, newspaper and TV advertising and direct mail. These once were all the benchmarks of professional advertising. Today however advertisers need social media and other creative ways to be competitive. Our historical commemorative posters fill that need because they last for years providing huge amounts of views and tremendous interest that will drive business. The combination of fun facts about the community, cool looking characters, vibrant colors and scenes, and very realistic artistic and architectural renditions make each map come to life. They tell a story of the past, present and future that is loved by both kids and adults alike. No other form of advertising can create such an immediate and significant increase in profits.

Serendipity Press produces 25,000 posters to every town or city. Each of these “works of art” can last 5-10 years. For $495 advertisers receive 100 posters. Each advertiser can give the posters to customers but if sold for $5.00 each advertisers would ultimately have no cost. A business listing with the advertiser’s website will be added to our web site at no cost. The dollars stay local. businesses have a wonderful long term advertising medium, a local charity is greatly rewarded, and the community celebrates their wonderful town.

2. Posters for Colleges & Amusement Parks

A historic poster is the perfect opportunity to market and promote colleges and amusement parks. Over many years there will be millions of views by students, visitors, alumni and the community. It is perfect for admissions, alumni giving, sporting events, special days, bookstores or other retail outlets. Each poster is totally customizable to ensure success. Overall they offer excellent value at a very low cost.