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What could be more enticing than playing against just time and yourself? It’s like a reality show where you are the main character and all you have to do is follow the rules. But, in this show, you can play in your pajamas, not embarrass your family, and still reach your goals. This is a neat book, it’s easy to understand and simple to play. With almost 3 million books on Amazon, there is no other book that comes close to pure adventure. Just think of what you can do with $50,000! Stop playing the lottery. Stop going to the casinos. If you really want to make money and have a blast doing it, put in some research and have your family, your school, your work or your community get involved. Don’t be surprised when your teenager tells you, “Hey mom, I’m taking the family to Disney World.”

Alex Lee from, An Amazing Adventure for Everyone!! , February 25, 2004

I was an original treasure hunter of the story of Masquerade. I started the game about a year after it was determined that there was an actual treasure hidden. I remember thinking that I had all the information that I needed to find the golden hare. I spent dozens of hours researching and trying to break codes. To tell you the truth, Masquerade was beautifully crafted but when it came down to it, it was both difficult and confusing. This new Buried Treasure Game is hands-down 100 times better. The cool thing is that you don’t need to understand elusive cryptograms as in most of the treasure hunts. The questions and clues are very straight forward and the author is right on target when he states that anyone can solve this puzzle. If you like games, puzzles or mysteries, you need to get this book.

Anna B. Manzo from New England Book Review , The Better Masquerade! , February 25, 2004

It has been a long time since I was in the library (I think it was high school). I thought the internet would provide me with most of my needs now but I was amazed at how much I was missing. This is a fun book that really has gotten me involved. I have been down to the local library about 5 times now and many of the answers to the 100 questions can be found there. I also like the combination of different types of information that is needed. I love mysteries and what can be better than an actual 300 year old mystery? Puzzles have always intrigued me and I know that this game can be solved. I have a sister living in another state and she was able to identify some information that was really close to her. It seems like a team game and I am hooked. No more lotteries or bingos for me. I want to earn this money and with a little luck and ingenuity, I will. Of course it is not a million dollars, but overall it seems to offer more value because you actually have to work for it. I can’t wait to finish all the questions and put the clues together. I wonder where it will lead me in America? Digging up a treasure box is worth the time and effort.

Heather Reynolds from Fantocciniltd Books , Exciting Puzzle Mystery!! , February 25, 2004

This is a great book for everyone to start searching for buried treasure because there is still many millions of dollars hidden all over America from the last 300 years. I bought a metal detector about 17 years ago, and it has given me a lot of relaxing times not to mention all the jewelry, coins and occasional old bottle caps that I have found. Treasure seeking is such a wonderful hobby and you can actually be very successful with a little work. That’s why I love this book. The research is not difficult and the reward is very high. You are not competing against others, just yourself and time. I know if I give it my best effort, I will do very well. The questions are fun and I really like the categories. I would recommend this book to anyone. Go for the gold.

Ray Purcellfrom Northeast Book Club, Treasure is Everywhere!! , February 25, 2004

When I was a young boy 50 years ago, a person in the next town from us found $5,000 in the back of a framed piece of artwork. That was huge news and for the next few years you better believe that my friends and I looked everywhere for hidden treasures. Of course we did find our share of interesting things. I can still remember finding a gold coin in between the cracks of my front porch steps and I carried it with me for all these years until I recently gave to my grandson. I have also been very interested in the life and times of Captain Kidd. He led an amazing life and there is a lot of facts about his burying many treasures over many years. Although the author doesn’t give much detail at this point in time, the entire Kidd adventure over many generations must have been very exciting. I am looking forward to playing and winning the treasure.

Seth Greenburg from Bookit , Captain Kidd's Treasure....Finally!! , February 25, 2004

As a dad of three sons, and as a practical, financially conservative adult, I took a chance on this book. The covers looked interesting and I thought what the heck. I didn’t realize how much I would truly get out ot this experience…and it is an experience. I am spending a lot of time together with my kids learning about a lot of new things. So far my twelve year old has already corrently answered 10 questions which has really made me proud. I look forward to coming home at night and working on it as a family. Really great.

Steve Johnson from Reader's Club , A Great Family Game! , February 25, 2004

I just received my copy last week and I can’t seem to put it down. I’m spending a lot of time just having fun doing research on the internet. It will take patience but even if I don’t find the treasure, the adventure already has been worth it. I like the fact that the questions are both interesting and current. Go out and find the treasure with me!!

Leslie Bromwell from Review World, Very Fun!! , February 25, 2004

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