Friday, January 9, 2004

Captain Kidd’s Buried Treasure found!!

Woburn, MA, January 9, 2004. Serendipity Press is pleased to present an incredible true story of adventure, determination and success. A rare and elusive piece of history has finally been found!!

For over 300 years thousands of fortune seekers had been on a quest to find any part of Kidd’s treasures. On February 24 in the year 1701, the legendary pirate - Captain William Kidd had a secret meeting with a Colonel Raphael Martin and gave him clues to a location that contained buried gold, silver and other plundered riches. It took 15 generations of Martin family members to put all the clues together and finally find it. On a rainy night in the summer of 2003, a wooden chest was unearthed containing one of the actual treasures of Captain Kidd. It was found somewhere in the United States. The treasure has been valued at over $10 million dollars.

Over the past few months, Ross Martin and his friend Martin Sloan have teamed to tell the story. They have created a wonderful family oriented adventure game called “The Buried Treasure Game.” It may be the most exciting game of all time. It is fun, easy to play, and many of the benefits of the original hunt are included. Somewhere in America $50,000 is buried and everyone that plays the game can actually win it. Upon the completion of the game Ross Martin will reveal all the details of this remarkable adventure.

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